Episode 28 – Silent Night

Well, I decided to do a special holiday episode for December and to hold everyone over until the first of the year when I start with season 2.

In this episode, I take a look at the story of the Christmas Carol “Silent Night” and finish off with a reading of the English translation of the original text as well as a reading of what is traditionally sung in regards to the carol.

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Silent Night Society http://www.stillenacht.at/en/index.asp. This is where I got most of my material as well as the English translation of the full six verses.

“Stille Nacht” https://www.german-way.com/history-and-culture/german-language/german-christmas-carols/stille-nacht/

Silent Night https://www.german-way.com/history-and-culture/german-language/german-christmas-carols/silent-night/